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Mt Ginini

Summit: Mt Ginini

Date Completed: 8 November 2014

Mode: Walk

Transport: Drive to the locked gate at the end of Mt Franklin Rd.

Accompanied by: BW

Difficulty: 1/5

Notes: Looking forward to a decent effort in the mountains and a rewarding summit of Mt Ginini i was slightly disappointed to find that Mt Ginini is literally at the locked gate at the end of Mt Franklin Rd. Still, being up around 1,700m meant that the scrub had changed enough that it felt like real alpine country. Since we had driven to the summit we walked off trail for a while to have a look around before returning to the car.

From the locked gate we continued along Mt Franklin Rd on foot for a very enjoyable stroll to Pryors Hut for a look around and to eat lunch (all the important fuel we would need for the big effort up to Mt Ginini!




Sign to summit at car park


Some ugly infrastructure at the summit


Pryors Hut is a fantastic spot for lunch


Heading off trail for a quick explore


Mt Boboyan

Summit: Mt Boboyan

Date Completed: 22 September 2013

Mode: Walk

Accompanied by: HW

Difficulty: 1/5

Notes: I haven’t spent alot of time on the southern end of Namadgi NP (behind Tharwa) other than fishing on the Gudgenby River with Dad and one ill fated attempt at the Fitz’s course whilst training for ‘around the bay’ back in 2011, so it was time to take the BSP out that way to see what it had to offer,

HW and I rose early on Sunday, gave Chamonix a cuddle and hit the road for about 1h30m past Tharwa and along Boboyan Rd (dirt). We arrived at the Yerrabi Track/Boboyan Trig trail head blessed with blue skies and minimal wind.

It was an easy climb up along some great single track and amongst some pretty dense mountain gum forest.

It wasn’t long before we reached the summit and were greeted by fantastic 360 degree views and completely still weather. We tucked into our drinks and snacks, took some creative photo’s at the trig site and relaxed for a while to take it all in.

The vibe was great at the summit of Mt Boboyan so i seized the opportunity to bend my knee and putta-putta ring on it, telling Hayley she is the most important thing in the world to me and asking for her hand in marriage. She was so excited – and agreed to my proposal – and we spent a while longer at the summit soaking up the special moment together.

It’s something i’ve wanted to do for a while now, we’ve talked about it alot. It feels great to be engaged and entering a very special and exciting time together.

As they say: ‘no day but today!’

Photography IMG_1379[1] IMG_1381[1] IMG_1407[1] IMG_1414[1] IMG_1415[1]

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Mt Painter

Summit: Mt Painter

Date Completed: 8 September 2013

Mode: Run

Accompanied by: Solo

Difficulty: 1/5

Notes: It was time to do the first of what will hopefully be many, many hundreds of Mt Painter summits in my lifetime.

Mt Painter is a stones throw from my new home and it offers some great trail running options up to the summit. Awesome views to the Tidbinbilla and Brindabella Ranges to the south-west and the sun rising up over Black Mountain to the north-east.

I ran from my doorstep, along the Bindubi Street cycle path, under Bindubi and along the Cook fire trail before jumping on the summit trail. I stopped at the top to enjoy the views and catch my breath before going off trail to find the simplest line back to Bindubi Street. Once i was back on the Aranda side I cruised through the Aranda bushland for a while, very excited about all the trail running to be done in this area.

A really interesting thing to note about Mt Painter is that the Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) runs along the base of the mountain. The BNT is a walking / pack horse trail which runs 5,330km from Cooktown, QLD to Healesville, VIC along the Great Dividing Range. It is so inspiring to me that this trail quite literally runs past my doorstep. I’ve always envied people who live near the Appalachian Trail (AT) in the US but I live on the BNT, Australias own AT.

This is what the Backyard Project is all about!

I’ve also had alot of interest from friends who want to get involved in the BSP. One mate in particular emailed saying he would like to come along and explore the Brindies. This made me really happy and inspired and i hope to get more people involved whenever i can.


I was running, give me a break!

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Mt Franklin

Summit: Mt Franklin

Date Completed: 1 September 2013

Mode: Walk

Accompanied by: Solo

Difficulty: 1/5

Notes: Rose early on Sunday for the 1hr 20m drive up Brindabella Rd, left at Piccadilly Circus and along Mt Franklin Rd to the Mt Franklin trailhead. The weather was perfect and the light was beautiful so early in the morning.

It was an easy ramble along the path via the Mt Franklin information area and site of the Ski Chalet which was unfortunately destroyed in the 2003 fires. The view near the summit was fantastic, particularly looking south-west towards Mt Ginini, Mt Gingera and some seriously snow-capped mountains in the distance. After a quick stop at the summit trig I returned to a nice spot to enjoy the silence, warm sun and outstanding view.

I recommend this ramble to anyone looking for a nice drive and a genuine Namadgi experience without any bushwhacking. The walk itself is comparable to Mt Ainslie in its difficulty.

Photography Mt Franklin trailhead South west view Site of the Mt Franklin Chalet

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