I spend a lot of time dreaming about exotic adventures, wanting the latest gear and waiting for my next holiday… at the same time, I live about 30 minutes from one of the best National Parks in Australia, I have put together a great set of gear and I have an amazing, supportive family.

The ‘backyard project’ is my attempt to appreciate the things i have and to document my adventures along the way… for your entertainment and education.

Phase one of the Backyard Project is the Backyard Summits Project.

Follow me as i attempt to summit about 60 mountains in the ACT, hopefully accompanied by friends and family along the way.



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  1. Stephen Goggs

    Hi. I was pointed to your website by Greg Kent. I am setting off this week with a group of SES volunteers to trek the whole ACT border. Would be happy to compare notes on some of the peaks we plan to have in common when we get back. Your website and your summits ambition are a great incentive to get out amongst it (very clever to keep readers interested by weaving in a romantic sub-plot, though proposing marriage on peak 3 will be hard to top!)


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