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Mt Ginini

Summit: Mt Ginini

Date Completed: 8 November 2014

Mode: Walk

Transport: Drive to the locked gate at the end of Mt Franklin Rd.

Accompanied by: BW

Difficulty: 1/5

Notes: Looking forward to a decent effort in the mountains and a rewarding summit of Mt Ginini i was slightly disappointed to find that Mt Ginini is literally at the locked gate at the end of Mt Franklin Rd. Still, being up around 1,700m meant that the scrub had changed enough that it felt like real alpine country. Since we had driven to the summit we walked off trail for a while to have a look around before returning to the car.

From the locked gate we continued along Mt Franklin Rd on foot for a very enjoyable stroll to Pryors Hut for a look around and to eat lunch (all the important fuel we would need for the big effort up to Mt Ginini!




Sign to summit at car park


Some ugly infrastructure at the summit


Pryors Hut is a fantastic spot for lunch


Heading off trail for a quick explore